Developer preview 10.8 Mountain Lion

Apple released a developer preview this morning of their next iteration of Mac OS X. As soon as I heard the news and lo' and behold, there it was in my developer account email. A couple link clicks later, I was downloading Mountain Lion. Cute name, I like the predictable patterns.

Being safe, I installed the OS on a seperate clean partition and fired it up. It only asked me for my iCloud account and bam, many of my settings magically appear. Launchpad shows all my App Store apps available. Hell, my dock remained the same ---sans non-App Store apps. Nice.

  • iCloud documents is probably my favorite addition, I'll no longer have a need to use dropbox to sync all my writing material. It will be built in. Thats one less service I'd use, thats one less username/password combination I'll have to remember. This is good and a step toward my overall minimalist computer footprint.
  • Reminders and Notes: they have been ported over and it is glorious. Eventually I will migrate away from Wunderlist (an amazing task management). Thats another app down.
  • iMessages is a rebranded iChat with cloud backed conversation saving across all iOS devices. Would be nice to have Facebook chat integration but I doubt that will ever happen.
  • iCal and Address book have been renamed to their iOS equivalents. :shrug:
  • Airplay Mirroring: all those apps that converted video to a native iOS video format are no longer necassary (at least in the home envirment). I see all the popular video players adapting this technology. This can only make my Apple TV2 better. Imagine a Airplay plugin for your browser, hackers will make it happen.

I will continue looking more in depth at changes. These are my favorite to look for and I'm fascinated by any under the hood changes Apple may have done. I will update the post further in the future to reflect any changes.