Microsoft Surface tablet is just that... a surface.

So Microsoft when up and done got themselves a tablet

I took the news of Microsoft unveiling their new tablet initiative with a meh reaction. Until, we actually get to hold it in our hands and experience the real world performance of the device, there really is no point to get invested. We do not know when it will ship, how much it costs, how will they distribute it? These are all answers they should be revealed for a product such as this at product launch. The industry needs to move away from these teaser events that only serve to appease stockholders and industry journalists. It serves the customer a disservice.

The announcement marked a shift for Redmond. What will become of their existing business partners? Will they eventually do the same with Windows Phone? I believe so, though Nokia makes some damn good hardware.

If they can innovate, I believe they will be successful. They innovated with Windows 95, with the XBOX, and their Metro UI. And now they will bring all this experience to the tablet form factor with complete control over hardware. Customer can tell the difference when their is a gap between the hardware and software side --the state of market bears this truth. So, they must innovate like Apple.