What can Apple advance with the New iPad

The new iPad serves as a warning that Apple could be running out of ways to significantly advance the tablet art form.

-Jon Phillips Is This the Last iPad That Really Matters?

What short sighted idiocy.

Mr. Phillips offers some unoriginal tidbits in his recent Wired article ---I lament the state of reporting coming from Wired these days.

Phillips believes the new iPad is a wall of innovation attained by Apple, essentially he proposes Apple has engineered themselves into a corner.

I offer these rebuttals to his views on each new feature of the iPad

Yes, the new screen makes using all the previous generations feel as if one is using an old 9 inch CRT, but isn't this basically what technology does. Apple will continue to improve on this retina display; new display technologies will be developed, better reproduction of colors, lower battery life etc.

Honestly LTE adoption by Apple did surprise me, I felt the battery drain I've seen on all the Android devices wouldn't fit with Apples design practices. But they still did it and solved it. Naturally you can assume this will only get better and LTE in itself will evolve much like wifi did from the late 90's to today. My only issue with LTE is with the carriers, so a fat pipe and they maintain the same 3G era data plans. This has to change.

New Camera?

Though one may look foolish holding an iPad to take a shot, I think you might be able to take actual better pictures with one. Stabilization is much easier when holding a larger device. Maybe Apple just had a surplus of iPhone4 camera sensors and felt it might be cheaper to just include. Does it hurt? The front facing camera received a huge upgrade, this makes a lot of difference on those Skype and FaceTime calls. Video calls on the iPad feel so natural. This also lead Apple to just go ahead and upgrade the rear, it just made sense.

The story here, folks, is that Apple didn’t make a dramatic processor upgrade, but rather made the right processor upgrade. --Jon Phillips

Finally some sense, how fair of you Mr. Phillips.

So, he write an inflammatory misleading article title but most of his piece is just a run-of-the-mill overview of the new iPad. No originality here. He asks a question but fails at answering it, nor does he leave any valid answers to this question for the audience. He contradicts himself in the very last statement

Whichever path it chooses, Apple has work to do. The new Retina display effectively punctuates the iPad lineage as we know it with an emphatic full stop.

Maybe this was just bad writing and Mr. Phillips is a nice guy.


  • A retina screen requires a two-three fold increase in application sizes, flash will continue to just get cheaper and Apple will bump the minimum amount of storage we have. More services currently run on the iPad may eventually start to reside in the cloud, additionally alleviating some of these concerns.
  • I know Apple is dying to remove the area around the screen of the device and just make it one giant screen. Thats essentially what a tablet is right?