What does iBooks Author Mean

Apple released their iBook Author software this past week. It got lost being lumped into the announcement of Textbooks for the iPad. This is all apart of Apples Education initiative.

First, the program is simple. Its essentially drag and drop. A simple export stylesheet will add your work to the iBookstore, hell you can even charge for it. Note: your audience is going to be limited to those with iOS devices.

Second, what can I do with this. Will I ever be published? I don't know. Its a dream, but I don't get my hopes up. I just desire to write. I wish to build up such a collection of works and work on such collection to my hearts content. I revel in the constant revisions of the stories. I get high off the constant learning and exercising of my head muscle. Maybe, I'll submit a collection of short stories. That seems a good start, but who actually reads short stories these days. I'd need a good central theme to title it and right now, that just isn't existant.

Third, if I were to take the iBookstore seriously, I would completely embrace the format. I'd strive to incorporate the media rich capabilities of the platform to give my reader a real experience that will not only enhance the writing but leave them wanting more.

Also, can I call myself an author. Is that reserved for those published. Is being published an important aspiration. Do I have the talent to write well, anyone can write but not all can do it well. I ask myself these questions everytime I sit down at the Mac and see the blinking cursor on a blank canvas. I may use multiple applications over multiple devices but the idea and the emotion present is all the same. To challenge oneself to work through the goals set is a daily trial. Is my word count high enough today. Am I giving to much focus to one particular work. The ideas will come in time. The words will come in time.