Writing and Travel

The wonderful lady and I have returned from our excursions to the country. Part of me was sad in the fact of the trip coming to an end but another part relished the idea of waking in ones' own bed.

The pressure I've been exerting on myself the past couple of months to write everyday faded in the time I spent on the trip. The new sceneries, the new friends, and the shared experiences of someone you loves past. I barely wrote a word and it was great.

It is completely true, you want to travel, to remove yourself from your familiar surroundings and take in what everything the outside has to offer.

There are a couple things I have learned about myself when it comes to this writing foray.

  • Don't start anything new until you've finished you're current work.

  • Don't rewrite a word until you've finished you're current work.

  • If stuck on a part, move on, notate it. Come back during rewrites.

  • Everything must be a story, it differentiate writing a complete story vs. writing an incident.

  • Don't let anyone read your work until its been through at least two rewrites.

  • Outlines are not concrete.

  • Stick to a point of view, overall I find I do this well but there are insistence where i revert to basic pronouns and confuses the reader sometimes, I'm working on this.

  • Every beginning you'll write: first chapter, first scene, first sentence, you're going to ultimately end up scraping or rewriting the whole part.

  • The first and last sentence of every scene can almost always be cut.