Valuable lessons.

I manage a team of two. As lead developer, I am responsible for making important design decisions. My teamates are large working on the frontend of our Rails app and they're newcomers to the wonderful world of Rails. So not only do I manage, I mentor. It has been a learning experience for me as well as for them.

I'm not always right so when I suggest a particular gem or advise a particular way of writing a particular feature, most of the time I'm correct but there will also be times I'm completely wrong. I'll find myself checking out there work and coming up against the walls they previously wrestled with and also finding myself scratching my head. I swallow my pride, admit I was wrong and move on. We'll find a solution as a time and implement in a timely manner.

I wanted to make this point, these are lessons, valuable lessons. We must learn from these lessons and just attempt to not repeat them in the future. All I can do as a mentor and show them the Rails way, provide good coding styles, and impart proper OO design.

I intend to be a stronger team leader/manager, so when I make mistakes and learn from them, my team must also learn from them.